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    Last week I had the pleasure of meeting this guy. 

    Smacman walked solo across the USA. Richmond to California. 

    If you’re unfamiliar with his journey or him in general:


    Total legend and a very inspirational human being.

    (Taken in my studio) 

    I went to Australia to meet up with a guy who I had only exchanged a few emails with and within 12 hours of meeting each other we were awesome friends. One of the coolest people I met in a while and he also takes awesome pictures.
    Wish we took these after I got my haircut though.
    Check out all his photos, he is sick.

  4. A year ago today I left on a trip that was by far the craziest idea I ever had, today I’m chillin on the beach in Queensland Australia. Life is cool! Live it!! Massive thanks to @pmtenore @corina_rose @rvca @goalzero @macssmack @swiftwicksocks and everyone that donated to make it possible to to raise $16,000 for the NFDF! Planning a new trip now and can’t wait to get back out and experience more. http://ift.tt/1ki1MIS

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    DeeDee King

    Off the beaten track.

    This is exactly what I want. Lost with only as much stuff as I can carry with me.

  8. when my phone dies I like to just leave it off for an extended period of time and have absolutely nothing going on.

  9. Just got back from a tour in mexico with my band. Shows were cool, tacos were cooler, being able to travel with friends was coolest.

  10. A few months back talking to Troop 400 about my trip. Troop 400 is the Scout troop I eagled out of. All new faces, and they asked better questions than a lot of the interviews I did. http://ift.tt/1ekVnG9

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    Job postings were better 100 years ago.

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  12. Attn Fabry patients. Having trouble with your fingers? Cutting them off doesn’t help. http://ift.tt/1aX6OjP

  14. I’m not sure that I ever took the time to properly thank @pampiff and @coreykwilliams . While I was walking they sent me an amazing care package that had some awesome essentials and a grip of letters that one if Pams classes actually wrote to me after she took the time to educate them about what I was doing, and helping me spread even more awareness. I got these in Texas when I was about halfway and really struggling and these letters pushed me and gave me the motivation I needed. Thanks you guys! http://ift.tt/1aTcICd

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    Photo: Tim McKenna